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Everything you need to know about teeth whitening

Many of our patients often ask us about teeth whitening. So we thought that a small summary of the most important could be in its place.

Home whitening or clinic whitening?

We use home-based learning as we, after our own experience and knowledge through different courses and studies, see that the results are getting better and more long-term. Home remedies are also more gentle for the teeth.

Is the bleach dangerous?

The bleach we use is the one that has been on the market and is safe for your teeth. It includes (in addition to the active substance with bleaching effect) fluorine that helps to strengthen your teeth while you bleach.

Do not buy bleaching agents without consulting a dentist or dental hygienist.

What should you think of before teeth whitening?

Before teeth whitening, teeth should be freshly examined and whole and healthy – bleaching the teeth with a caries attack or inflammation of the gum may damage the teeth and surrounding tissues.

What should you think of while you bleach your teeth?

During the bleaching time, you should avoid strong coloring beverages / foods such as coffee, black tea, beetroot, red wine, etc. for better results.

Can not you handle your coffee? Then you can add milk to the coffee and drink from the straw.

Smoking and teeth whitening?

If you smoke daily, the result will probably not be as good. It is important that the expectations you have are realistic.

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Tooth whitening – What to do?

To reduce the risk of inflammation (the most common side effect), rinse your teeth with fluorine rinse daily and use a toothpaste that is extra good for infections (eg Sensodyne).

How long are your teeth bleached?

You usually bleach your teeth for up to 8 nights per jaw. If you are not satisfied you can add another 2 nights with night bleaching. You can also bleach during the day with a slightly stronger means. Then you usually bleach between 2-4 hours a day for 8 days.

How long does the result of a tooth bleaching last?

The result usually lasts at least 1 year depending on what you have for tobacco habits and drinks and eating habits.

Remember to save your pale bins so that you can freshen your teeth when it’s time again – you only need to buy a new bleach. But keep in mind that a new survey should be done again even before this bleaching.