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Teeth whitening

Everything you need to know about teeth whitening

Many of our patients often ask us about teeth whitening. So we thought that a small summary of the most important could be in its place.

Home whitening or clinic whitening?

We use home-based learning as we, after our own experience and knowledge through different courses and studies, see that the results are getting better and more long-term. Home remedies are also more gentle for the teeth.

Is the bleach dangerous?

The bleach we use is the one that has been on the market and is safe for your teeth. It includes (in addition to the active substance with bleaching effect) fluorine that helps to strengthen your teeth while you bleach.

Do not buy bleaching agents without consulting a dentist or dental hygienist.

What should you think of before teeth whitening?

Before teeth whitening, teeth should be freshly examined and whole and healthy – bleaching the teeth with a caries attack or inflammation of the gum may damage the teeth and surrounding tissues.

What should you think of while you bleach your teeth?

During the bleaching time, you should avoid strong coloring beverages / foods such as coffee, black tea, beetroot, red wine, etc. for better results.

Can not you handle your coffee? Then you can add milk to the coffee and drink from the straw.

Smoking and teeth whitening?

If you smoke daily, the result will probably not be as good. It is important that the expectations you have are realistic.

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Tooth whitening – What to do?

To reduce the risk of inflammation (the most common side effect), rinse your teeth with fluorine rinse daily and use a toothpaste that is extra good for infections (eg Sensodyne).

How long are your teeth bleached?

You usually bleach your teeth for up to 8 nights per jaw. If you are not satisfied you can add another 2 nights with night bleaching. You can also bleach during the day with a slightly stronger means. Then you usually bleach between 2-4 hours a day for 8 days.

How long does the result of a tooth bleaching last?

The result usually lasts at least 1 year depending on what you have for tobacco habits and drinks and eating habits.

Remember to save your pale bins so that you can freshen your teeth when it’s time again – you only need to buy a new bleach. But keep in mind that a new survey should be done again even before this bleaching.

Perfect Teeth Whitening Can Make your Teeth Even More Brighter

We know that a smile costs nothing but buys everything. Everybody wants whiter teeth and a more beautiful smile. A smile is a natural gift and one should take an extra care for it. If you have a sweet smile then it certainly reflects your healthy lifestyle. You tend to smile more often due to your perfect shining teeth and also because of your high level of confidence .You spend lots of money to get your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening method is used to regain the whiteness of the teeth. These methods are very popular now a days because the procedure is very simple and successful and it also boosts your confidence level. As a result, you will get healthy and white teeth. All of us want perfection in our appearance and outlook and so the tooth plays a vital role.

Teeth whitening are a particular treatment that has been developed to remove yellowish stains and enhance the original color of the teeth. It is very embarrassing to see a person smiling with yellow stained teeth .You may also feel discomforted while smiling to a person who has stained yellow tooth. Dental defects are not hazardous but it needs to be treated at right time so that it can be given proper treatment. You just have to visit the dentist at the right time for the treatment. Generally, discoloration of teeth is found among various aged persons. The main reason behind discoloration can also be due to intake of caffeine products such as coffee, drugs, tea and cola. You should consider a highly experienced and qualified dentist to handle your case, so that you can get a hassle free treatment.

There are various methods of teeth whitening that help you to get the perfect smile. Gels and toothpastes are meant to get the desired perfect whitening of your teeth. These toothpastes have to be applied at every portion of your teeth for some duration till you get the desired color. The process can take longer time also as you may have to apply the whitening toothpastes and gels continuously for few months. You must consult the dentist before using teeth whitening toothpastes and gels, also make sure that the toothpastes should be approved by American Dental Association. The products approved by ADA give confidence about the quality of the product.

Following the teeth whitening bleach treatment under the guidance of a dentist helps you to get rid off the problems of your teeth. The bleach used to get a perfect white teeth has certain amount of peroxide in it. These peroxide components play a very important role in tooth whitening procedure. The amount of peroxide used in the treatment depends on the level of stains on your teeth that has to be whitened. Many dentists use higher amounts of peroxide to give faster whitening to your teeth while others use less amount of peroxide also depending on the fact that on how much your teeth requires. A teeth whitening dentist in Oslo, Norway recommends therefore a mandatory visit to the dentist before the use of the gel. It is sure that you cannot eat or chew properly without a healthy teeth so you must do all possible things to get rid off. Another perfect teeth whitening procedure is the in-house bleaching treatment that involves the use of plastic tray .Bleach is put into the tray and then the tray is fit into the mouth. You need to wear it for some months depending on the amount of stain in your teeth.